Anthropocene Coasts

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征稿范围: 应对气候变化相关联的海岸带资源、 环境、生态、灾害、经济发展和人地 关系的研究论文;鼓励多学科交叉的 研究成果,注重过程、机理分析和定 量化;研究主题包括气候变化下的海 岸环境演化、生态系统的产品和服务 价值及其保护、海港基础设施、海岸 带城市群规划与建设、沿海经济发 展、空间资源开发、风暴等自然灾害 防护、数据采集技术等。

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Shu Gao, Ph.D.; Ian Townend, B,.Sc., C.Eng., C.Mar.Sci

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58.3% 2018

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Anthropocene Coasts
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This river is an important source of dissolved nutrients and chemicals to the marine environment. Our team samples remote sites like this one on eastern coast of Ellesmere Island, to understand the biogeochemical contributions of glacial meltwater to the ocean. Image credit: Robert Izett

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